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MRSAid™ treatment is based on the platform technology “Photodisinfection”. Photodisinfection involves the use of non-thermal light energy to activate a liquid photosensitizer formulation, leading to the generation of reactive oxygen-based molecules that are lethal to bacterial cells. These molecules are extremely short-lived, and destroy bacterial membranes via lipid peroxidation while causing little or no damage to surrounding tissue. Photodisinfection has been shown to be effective against a wide range of bacteria (including biofilm forms), as well as against various fungi and viruses. The same technology has been in widespread use in Canada since 2006 for the treatment of adult periodontal disease (

Photodisinfection represents an ideal approach to bacterial decolonization therapy due to the following key attributes:

  • Treatment does not lead to the generation of bacterial resistance
  • The antimicrobial effect is powerful, immediate, and highly localized
  • The cytotoxic effect is primarily limited to bacterial cells (vs. eukaryotic cells), resulting in an attractive safety profile